Expose Yourself To Ductwork! Exposed Ducts as a Design Element


Ductwork: not just to be seen from your attic anymore. Spice things up with exposed ducts.

Let’s talk about Ductwork.

What if, instead of thinking about ductwork as an ugly metal tubing system necessary to get air from one part of your home to another, you thought of it as a wonderfully practical design element? A statement piece, with a purpose. Could it be that ductwork can actually add style to your home- beautifully complimenting that new gas range you just installed in your kitchen, or providing a sexy, modern aesthetic to your revamped bedroom? We say, heck yes! The times, they are a-changin’.

Portland is becoming more and more of a hub for creative businesses and startups, which bring with them people who want the places they dwell to be beautiful and inspiring as well as energy efficient and eco-aware. DAMAR Heating, Inc. has grown up right along with these trends, and Rick and his crew are there to help you implement these principals.

This Pinterest Board has several examples of people taking advantage of the many possibilities of exposed spiral ducting. So check it out, get some ideas, and let us help you show off your ducts!

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