Heating Through The Centuries

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There are few things better than sitting around a campfire or fire pit with your nearest and dearest, especially when the temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter. And it’s neat to think that our ancestors were doing the same thing over a million years ago. But in addition to serving as an occasion to gather with their community, a campfire was crucial in keeping our ancestors warm and safe. Read more

5 Major Myths About HVAC Services

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There are a lot of opinions regarding HVAC services and systems out there. It’s hard to keep track of what’s the truth and what is a myth. In this article, we’ll dive into five major myths about HVAC services, so you can choose the best HVAC system for your home and keep it working efficiently.


Myth: You only need to change your filter once a year. 

Fact: Many people believe this to be true, or, they simply forget to change their filter except once a year. This is not only a myth, but also a big mistake! While you’re using your HVAC system, you’ll want to change your filter every 30 days. If you have a lot of pets, and therefore a lot of dander and fur around the house, you may want to consider changing your filter even more regularly. This will keep your system much more efficient. 

Myth: The biggest HVAC system is always the best. 

Fact: No, bigger is not always better when it comes to an HVAC system. In fact, if your system is too large for your home, it can be much less efficient. It will also struggle to properly remove humidity.It’s important to have a professional help determine the right size HVAC unit for your home.

Myth: Your HVAC system doesn’t need maintenance unless it’s broken. 

Fact: When it comes to your car, you don’t want to wait until it’s broken down on the side of the road before you see the mechanic. You go to the mechanic for regular checkups. The same goes for your HVAC system. It’s crucial to have regular maintenance on your HVAC system to ensure that your system is working properly and to prevent any large and expensive problems before they happen. By having it regularly checked and well maintained by an HVAC service technician, you’ll save major and costly headaches down the road.

Myth: You can easily find air leaks around your home.

Fact: It seems like it’d be simple to spot an air leak around your home, but even the biggest leaks can be hard to find. An HVAC service technician can help find and properly seal leaks that waste energy and make your system inefficient. When you hire an HVAC service technician for regular maintenance of your system, you can also have them check for leaks. This will ensure your system is running properly and efficiently.

Myth: The best way to heat or cool your home is to turn up the thermostat.

Fact: While the thermostat controls the temperature setting, your home may actually never reach that temperature if your HVAC system is not working the way it should. If your HVAC system needs maintenance, if your home needs new insulation or there are serious leaks, the system will have a very difficult time heating and cooling your home. Although you’ve set your thermostat to one temperature, it may never get to that setting. To ensure that your home’s HVAC system is able to heat and cool efficiently, schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC service professional and have them check for serious leaks.


Now that you know the truth behind HVAC service, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions:

What is HVAC service?

An HVAC system controls the environment through heating (H), ventilation (V) and/or air conditioning (AC). HVAC service is when you hire a professional HVAC companies to help you install, maintain or fix your HVAC system. 

When you hire HVAC companies to help service your system, they can:
a. Find the right system for your home
b. Install a new HVAC system in your home
c. Perform regular maintenance to keep your system running efficiently
d. Find leaks that may be making your system inefficient
e. Troubleshoot any other problems with your HVAC system

How much money do I save with routine HVAC service?

When you hire one of the HVAC companies in your area to provide routine HVAC service – typically done seasonally or twice a year – you can save a lot on both your bills and expensive repairs. According to Cook’s Comfort System, Inc., HVAC maintenance typically costs between $70 and $100, while replacing an HVAC system for a 2,000 sq. ft. home can cost between $6,000 and $12,000.With routine HVAC service, your system will be running efficiently and able to cool or heat your home a lot faster and effectively. This will help you save money on your energy bill. And with regular maintenance, you may avoid large, expensive problems that cost far more than the regular maintenance service fee. Getting a regular tune-up on your system can help you save in the long run.

How should I choose an HVAC service company?

There are many HVAC companies to choose from. It’s always a good idea to ask for referrals or read reviews online. From there, there are a few things you want to consider:

1. Verify the contractor’s credentials: You want to hire a licensed HVAC professional who meets all of the state requirements to provide service in your area.
2. Compare estimates: Different HVAC companies will have different prices. Be sure to compare estimates to find the price right for your budget but also to ensure you get all the services you need.
3. Get an official proposal/contract: Trustworthy HVAC companies will provide an official proposal that you both sign, which lays out all the details from the price and expected timeline to warranties and payment requirements.

Green Your Fireplace with Gas or Woodburning Inserts

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Those cold, dreary winter days are finally upon us. Luckily for you, that means all the more time you can spend warming yourself by the fireplace. And your time in front of the hearth will be all the more enjoyable when you install a gas or woodburning insert in place of your conventional fireplace. Read more

11 Innovations Shaping the Future of HVAC

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With the rise of smart home technology adoption, home buyers increasingly expect new homes to be equipped with the latest technological advances, and the HVAC system is no exception. The entire HVAC industry is undergoing a technological revolution to keep up with the demand of home buyers and builders.

These new solutions help with efficiency, cut costs, and improve client satisfaction. Many of these technologies are still on the drawing board, but there are some you can take advantage of now to boost your homes’ comfort levels. Read more

How To Protect Your Home From Indoor Air Pollution

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While people have started to wake up to the fact that they need to be more concerned about the quality of their indoor air, it still doesn’t seem to be enough. While the Environmental Protection Agency has cited the main cause of this type of pollution being linked to sources that release gases or particles, these are not the only causes. Inadequate ventilation is also a problem yet another major problem is the quality of air filtering through ventilation systems. Read more

The Biggest Reason Your Heating Bill Is Too High

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Top 10 Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems

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How Can I Tell That My Furnace Filter Needs to be Changed?

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Signs your furnace filter needs changing:

  • The filter is noticeably gray in color, and you can see dirt and dust built up on the filter media.
  • Your home is dustier than usual.
  • Your heating or cooling system is cycling longer than it usually does.
  • Your current filter has been in use longer than the manufacturer’s recommendation (anywhere from one to six months, depending on your filter). Read more

How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of a Fireplace

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Fireplaces generate a lot of heat—as long as you’re standing right in front of them. Otherwise, they can suck all the heat right out of a room and send it up your chimney with a lot of smoke. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can increase the energy efficiency of your fireplace so it’s worth burning all that wood. Read more


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Troon Pacific, a San Francisco–based developer of high-end residences, just put its latest project on the market: a $45 million, 9,500-square-foot house in the city’s Russian Hill neighborhood. The kitchen of this LEED Platinum-certified home has not one, but two cooktops: a 36-inch Gaggenau gas cooktop and a 15-inch Gaggenau electric induction cooktop. “Induction is the most sought after by chefs, because the heat can be so well controlled,” says Greg Malin, CEO of Troon Pacific. “But the market in the U.S. hasn’t quite broken out yet, so we have both, to let people choose how they want to cook and expand in the directions they want to. Read more