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Chimney Cleaning: How Often and How Much Does It Cost?

Article Found on Modernize If you’re anything like most homeowners, the words “chimney sweep” mostly conjures up images of Dick Van Dyke dancing across the London skyline. But chimney sweeping is actually a vital part of homeownership. Chimneys require regular cleaning to keep them safe to use. So what does cleaning entail? And how much […]

How to Safely Operate a Backup Generator

Article found on FirstEnergyGroup. Backup generators can provide an emergency power supply, enabling you to keep important equipment running during a power outage. It’s important to make sure generators are properly installed and operated to prevent health and safety risks for you and our crews. Before installing or operating a generator, review the following sections […]

Six Warning Signs That Your Furnace May Be Failing

Article Found on Modernize Have you ever woken up freezing on a cold winter’s night? If you haven’t accidentally left the window open, chances are your furnace has broken down—and it can be a couple of miserably chilly days to wait while your furnace is repaired or replaced. However, if you can diagnose a failing […]

8 Ways To Reduce Energy Use At Home

Article Found on Improvenet Each month, homeowners receive energy bills they wish were just little lower. Some  customers are surprised to see that despite efforts to become a more energy-efficient home, bills are still high. Often, this can happen in the summer or winter when HVAC systems are being used the most to keep your […]

Mythbusters: Old Homes Can’t Be Made Energy Efficient

Article Found on Mitsubishi Blog Myth: Old Homes Can’t Be Made Energy Efficient The Truth: Old homes are often known for their charm, character or historical influence. One thing they aren’t known for? Being energy efficient. That’s because we didn’t have the same knowledge of building science. We didn’t understand how tight building envelopes positively […]

Pets and Heating and Air Conditioning

Article found on Maytag Have you checked your floor vents recently? Are you beginning to feel a chill in the air? We’re diving deeper and deeper into fall, and the weather is only going to get colder. Are you ready for chillier weather? While we’re preparing for winter weather, it’s important to keep our pets […]

What Size Furnace Does My Home Need?

Article Found on Modernize Autumn is fully underway and most homes have had the heat turned on at least once. Checklists are being printed out and homeowners are starting to winterize their homes  as the weather cools. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to make sure your furnace is working—you don’t want to […]