Dine at T9

taqueria nueve

“Anyone know a good HVAC professional that would enjoy trading some expertise for delicious tacos and margaritas?”

Back in July, on a particularly hot night, the air conditioning unit at Portland’s Taqueria Nueve decided to give out. It was Saturday night and the customers were sweating alongside their margaritas- the owners were forced to shut their doors early, and they needed help quick. They reached out on Facebook, asking their friends and followers “Anyone know a good HVAC professional that would enjoy trading some expertise for delicious tacos and margaritas?” Julie, who was hip to the fact that “T9” (as the cool kids call it) pumps out some delicious fare, jumped right on the opportunity and messaged them Rick’s cell phone number. They gave Rick a call and he went out there Sunday morning, having the AC unit up and running before the taco hungry crowds rolled in, oblivious to the whole debacle. Read more

DAMAR’s Grape Escape

wine tasting

Two weeks ago, Julie and Rick Wiggins of DAMAR Heating partook in what they describe to be one of the most unique wine tasting experiences they have had in Pacific Northwest. Mike and Kristy Thayer of Pete’s Mountain Vineyard opened up their tasting room to welcome Rick, Julie, and five other people to sample an array of their wines, some of which were made using grapes grown right on their gorgeous 20 acre estate. What made this experience so unique was the level of hospitality imbued by Mike and Kristy, as they welcomed their guests with the warmth and kindness of good friends. Read more

Portland Beer Champ Lucky Labrador Brewing Turns 20

beer, lucky labrador, portland, heating, anniversary

Old buddies Rick Wiggins, owner of DAMAR Heating, Inc. and Gary Geist, co-owner of Lucky Labrador, go way back- they met through an acquaintance 15 years ago when Gary and his partners were opening up a second location in Multnomah Village. Rick designed and constructed the HVAC system in that building, which was converted from an old masonic temple into a gorgeous neighborhood staple that draws a large human and K-9 crowd year round. Lucky Lab now has two breweries and four pubs throughout Portland, and DAMAR Heating, Inc. continues to update and maintain all of their HVAC systems. Read more